Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Meeting Lux

We spent a good five hours with Cait and Björn and our newborn grand-daughter Lux yesterday afternoon in Rotterdam, arriving only ten hours after Lux’s birth. We were astonished how energetic Cait and Björn were -- the kind of excitement that comes from being in a state, despite a sleepless night and hours of labor, of overwhelming astonishment and joy. It was the same for Nancy and me. We could hardly take our eyes off Lux. Lux took it all very calmly. Most of the time we were there she slept, first on Nancy’s lap, later on mine. I kept stroking her cheek with one finger -- skin silkier than silk, and just a little more dense than air.

I was reminded of a passage from the writings of Alexander Schmemann: "Every birth, every entrance of a new human being into the world, every life, is a miracle of miracles, a miracle that explodes all routine, for it marks the start of something unending, the start of a unique, unrepeatable human life, the beginning of a new person. And with each birth, the world is itself in some sense created anew and given as a gift to this new human being to be her life, her path, her creation."

If you don’t mind looking at photos of people besides themselves with happiness, there is a folder of pictures here:

(The photo above was taken by Björn shortly after Lux's birth at the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam.)


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Snarfff said...

I'm always amazed at how much joy a new birth can bring to us... it's not like it is something new or unique... but still it remains infinitely beautiful and phenomenal for all who's lives that birth touches... even a distant relative like me... Wish I was there to enjoy the site, smell and touch of Lux, but happy to be able to share in it vicariously. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to be a Bright week baby.Blessings on little Lux and her parents..and her doting grandparents.