Friday, August 20, 2010

Local archeology: unearthing The Sixties

The archeologists have finished their work on the Paardenmarkt here in Alkmaar, having found lots of skeletons, one of them dating back to the Iron Age. Nancy and I have been doing a little archeology of our own right here in our house -- searching in closets and cubby holes for a large jar of peace and protest badges. Some of these date back to that remote, lost-in-the-mist era known as The Sixties, though most are from The Seventies, which was pretty much The Sixties, Part Two.

Our motive for doing so? The mother of our son-in-law Bjorn is turning sixty, an event that will be celebrated tomorrow night at a party near Rotterdam. The party theme? The Sixties! All who are taking part are requested to dress is a Sixty-ish way.

Thanks to our success in finding the elusive jar, Nancy and I will be wearing some of our peace button collection.

-- Jim

* * *